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We were able to hire 20 physicians through your site, which is amazing! I am very pleased with the service of The site format is super easy to follow and use. I thought the price was very reasonable for unlimited access to the database and to post as many job positions as we needed. Everyone who I worked with at, when I did have questions, were responsive, helpful and just nice people. Thank you for your support.

Stephanie Gaffney

— WellVia Solutions

I'm writing on behalf of Alpha Medical Group to congratulate you for building a successful website. We have found your site to be extremely positive, helpful and an effective resource for recruiting candidates.

Jim Hock

— Alpha Medical Group

We were having a difficult time filling one of our positions with a deadline to hire approaching. After trying other resources with no luck, we turned to and found several qualified individuals, and immediately hired the perfect candidate for the job.

Minerva King

— Florida Community Alliance